News#1 Nov 14

One thing I perhaps should have learned by now is that whatever my intentions thing never quite work out as planned.

So, having visited pueblos, cliff dwellings, petroglyphs, etc in the southern USA with the intention of making work about them (and wonderful as they are), I quickly realised that what had really caught my attention was the landscape. Amazing vast rocky spaces in colours which made my eyes ache, pink, orange, purple, red, ochre, black, white, etc, crossed by fierce rivers couched in grey-green cottonwoods. And so I started to draw and make ceramic, some now completed and some still in progress.

But then I started thinking about the moon, moon jars, Brave New World, John (the noble savage and outsider), and how ‘moon’ vessels could be vehicles for my thinking on contemporary society/culture.

So, as angels fear to tread, I trod, and have started pinch coiling some round(ish), slightly wobbly and trembling jars which attempt to capture the subtlties of the idea of ‘moon’ with some degree of success, I think.

AND, my new website is now ‘live’.